2011 JCI Active Citizen Day

December 11 2011, is yet another opportunity for me to look into the past, the present and the future of my JCI – Junior Chamber International experience, as this date marks JCI Active Citizen Day.

My 2011 JCI experience can be summarized as follows: Resolution 365. This is simply because “Resolution 365” is the short name of the first training course that I designed after becoming a JCI Certified National Trainer (CNT).

I have launched a website and a Facebook fan page for the course where participants (and potential participants) can discuss the content of the course and share their views that will make it even a better course in the years ahead. I’ll appreciate you visit the website and drop your comments.

On this day – JCI Active Citizen Day, a number of JCI National Organisations will launch their needs-based project to advance a UN MDG in their country. In my National Organisation, 2 projects of this kind are planned: Commemorating leprosy day and donating a well to a community in need.

Make sure you subscribe to this blog to receive updates of the project details, which I hope could inspire you to create positive change in your community.

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