A Solar Device to Fight Ebola

One of the challenges in the fight against the Ebola disease in West Africa is that populations have little or no information about the viral foe. Others deny that it is real. The information gap on Ebola has prompted The United Methodist Church (UMC) to join the global efforts to stop the disease.

Effectively, The UMC is sending a special yet simple device to Sierra Leone and Liberia. The device, a Freeplay Assist Radio, is a multi-band solar radio designed for humanitarian purposes says Kathy L. Gilbert. The 0.3Kg (0.7 lb) device should help people freely receive news broadcasts and updates regarding the threat which is invisible to the naked eye, in locations where advanced communication technologies do not reach.

In the video below, Isaac Broune describes how to use the Assist radio set.

What do you think about this device’s role in fighting Ebola? I wish I to hear from people who have used it. Feel free to send your input as comment below.

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