From Accra to Kete Krachie to Fight Against Malaria

En route to give nets to save lives.

This is the story of a group of men and women aged between 18 – 40 years, and living Ghana, with whom I share the vision of a malaria-free Africa. We also have in common to be members of JCI, the leading global network of young active citizens. This story, illustrated with pictures is that of Francis Arthur – the 2010 President of JCI Accra Royale whom I met for the first time in Yamoussoukro in 2009 – and all the members of their Local Organisation.

These guys took the challenge to bring change through a project that created impact in communities where malaria is a tenacious foe, leaving more than one affected. They called the project “Nothing but Nets” – an initiative very close to the JCI Nothing But Nets Campaign – led by a five member committee who met weekly to brainstorm and plan the execution of the specific assignment to “give 500 Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) in the Krachie West District.” When asked why the Krachie West District? Francis replied:

because according to findings, malaria has been identified as the most prevalent disease in the Region, added to the fact that the district has 37% of its area covered by the Volta Lake thus making it not so easily accessible.

JCIAR succeeded to secure partnership and sponsorship with Ghana’s National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) and Shoprite respectively. Under the partnership, the NMCP was to provide 250 Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs), a resource person and some Information, Education, and Communication (IE&C) materials. Shoprite agreed to provide boxes of bottled water, and drinks.

On May 17, two days after a major JCI international event, members of JCIAR departed for the Krachie West District through Dambai where they boarded the Ndewura Jakpa – a ferry – to across the Volta Lake. Recounting the journey, Francis made me understand they stopped at Mala (one of the small villages in the District after crossing) where they did the first donation and training on malaria. After leaving this village, they faced challenges making them to arrive at Kete Krachie, the capital of the Krachie West District (over 500Km by road) at 6.20 pm.  Check out the road direction from Accra to Kete Krachie here.

On May 18, Francis and friends all moved to the Krachie West District Hospital, where they met with Dr. Felix Doe – the medical superintendent/ District Director of Krachie West District and inhabitants of Kete Krachie present. JCI Accra Royale was formally introduced and it was the opportunity to present the JCI mission which is “to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.”

Francis giving ITNs to Dr. Felix Doe

After the formalities, inhabitants of Kete Krachie were taken through questionnaires, educated on the need for diagnosis before treatment, the role and proper use of the ITN to prevent malaria, and how to maintain the ITN and finally, every mother and child under 5 years was given an ITN and IE&C materials. The pregnant women in the maternal wards and sick children in the children’s ward were not left out. These same activities were carried out at 2 villages before crossing the crossing of the Volta Lake.

ITNs and IE&C material distribution

The questionnaire exercise by a happy member of JCI Accra Royale

Upon meeting their goal of bringing ITNs to the people of Kete Krachie, Francis and his team traveled back to Accra where they arrived tired but elated to have contributed towards the global campaign against malaria.

In all, we donated 500 ITNs, about 1000 IE&C materials and educated close to 1000 inhabitants of the Krachie West District. We took the challenge that others avoided and we made the most out of it. We are indeed the change.  – Francis Arthur.

And a souvenir before leaving

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You may want to know more about the state of the fight against malaria in Africa. Check out the April 2010 Progress Report of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership I posted here.



  1. Fabrice A. Reply

    Young Africans are the hope of Africa. JCI Accra Royale has understood the fact and started to impact positively its society. May other young people join the battle to make the brighter days of our continent. ‘We are the African dream’.

  2. Emeric Augustus Ahouandjinou Reply

    It was a tough journey, but a memorable experience. Young men and women of Jci Accra Royale, defying fatigue and all odds to bring hope and development opportunities to the people of Kete Krashie. It was definately an awsome experience.

    • NDZULO Reply

      Cool! How did the beneficiaries feel after receiving the ITNs. Is there any way to see that they will properly setup the ITNs after you departed?

      • Paa Kwesi Inkumsah Reply

        I am excited to see the contributions that young people are creating all over the world. Especially proud of my local chapter Accra Royale for this great initiative.
        Congratulations to you all that were able to make this a reality.

      • Tajudeen Annafi Reply

        Hi Joe, to ensure the beneficiaries make use of the nets, after the education on the use of ITNs, we tore it and handed the net itself to them.We then told them we will be coming over to inspect them.
        Infact we stressed on its instant use and the need to use the ITN as its the only proven method to eradicating malaria!

  3. nadege tatiana mapigoue Reply

    Hello dear Jaycee friends.

    I’m Nadege Mapigoue, a JCI CAMEROON chapter president. Just to send my greetings to all your members. It is fantastic what you are doing congratulations my friends.

    I’m also organizing a same project by the end of next month and I need your help. Excuse my English please I’m francophone.

    Mes chers freres j’ai recu la nouvelle de votre projet et je veux juste faire signe et vous faire savoir que l’idée est génial. J’ai aussi un projet comme cela pour la fin du mois de juillet et conte sur votre soutien pour avoir aussi du succes. Merci de me prendre en considration bonne journee à vous et soyons meilleurs.


    My phone number is 00 237 99 72 05 91

    • Joe Ndzulo Reply

      Hi Nadège.

      I’m glad to see you like this project and that your chapter is planning the execution of a similar one in Cameroon.

      To make it successful as that of JCI Accra Royale, I think you could encourage local companies to get involved in supporting the project as part of their social responsibility involvement with the community. What do you think?

      • nadege mapigoue Reply

        ok i understand i suppose to try to inclu them now i would give you a feel back thanks

    • Francis Reply


      one other thing you can do is also get members to make contributions towards the project.

      If you are approaching an organization for partnership/sponsorship and you let them know that you have been able to raise such an amount towards the project, they will feel challenged to contribute.

      • nadege mapigoue Reply

        Hi Francis

        Thank you for your contribution. I’m so glad. What you see is true

        excuse my English my friend. Take care, byee

  4. Barkha Reply

    Thank you for your commendable efforts for community development in Ghana. Really admirable that you brought together the community on such an important mission. Thanks for sharing this information through your excellent post.

    • Ndzulo Post authorReply

      Barkha, such initiative need to be echoed by many ways as possible.

      I’m honoured to share it on my blog.

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