Best Of 2009 on Ndzulo’s Blog

2009 was a great year of blogging despite unfavourable climate conditions. You may want to know what is the relationship(s) between blogging and climate, right? Well, one of them is HEAT! The warmer the environment, the less it is possible to concentrate writing post… 

So after going through my blog’s statistics, the following posts came out to have been the most viewed.

The 2009 JCI Africa & the Middle East Newsletter.
I was honoured to design, edit and power the distribution of this e-newsletter worldwide, which brought out news of JCI members from corners of Africa and the Middle East. Bellow is a message of appreciations from JCI Headquarters in St Louis, MO, USA.

Dear Designer & Editor Joe NDZULO,

Greetings from the JCI World Headquarters!

Congratulations to you and your team for the excellent Area A Newsletter, Issue 3.

Thank you for the links to the newsletter. We’ll post it on JCI’s website under “National Press Releases and News.”

Warm regards,

Gladys S. Gist
JCI Senior Editor

BarCamp Abidjan 2009
My recap of the first Barcamp held in Cote d’Ivoire and featured on the Maneno website. What had Ivorian bloggers to say? That event was an opportunity for me to meet Ivorian bloggers, tech guys and girls.

Yamoussoukro 2009.
This post was the preliminary post to a series of posts related to my preparation, participation and return for Yamoussokro, where the 2009 JCI Africa & the Middle East Conference took place. The most viewed post in that series was the one with the pictures (slideshow) of the event.

Google OS, Coming Soon.
The announcing of Google’s Operating System scheduled for 2010. Definitely, Google is expanding beyond the web. Interesting right?.

Most Visited Attractions of the World.
One of the first posts published on this blog in 2008, yet attracting visitors.

World’s First Digital Camera.
Interesting isn’t it? Ever imagined how it looked like? See it yourself if you’ve checked out that post.

Preserving the Ozone layer.
Oh yes, climate change talks have increasingly integrated all media, including my blog. Despite the inability of world leaders to come out with a common voice to act on climate change, with this post you can still act. individual and local actions end up creating global impacts.

Happy holidays!

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