New : CTAIL Moyen Comoé Has Its Own Blog

Training on blog – This day was a remarkable one. After being postponed a number of times because of various reasons among which power shedding, the training session CTAIL Moyen Comoé had wanted finally took place.

The aim of the session I co-conducted was to introduce the participants to blogging, not only in a general manner, but within the context of their work: fighting against HIV/AIDS.

In 3 hours spent efficiently, the participants developed a positive view of what blogs are, and they were able to create their profiles and published test posts on their newly set group blog.

Hannah Darnton, the Local Coordinator of IFESH was the pivot that made it possible for me to conduct the session that was beneficial to the personnel and partner organisations of the CTAIL Moyen Comoé present.

Miquel Hudin, the techie behind Maneno was there. His presence was of great value as a couple of technical questions were asked which he delightfully answered in English, and I or Hannah translated to French. You can read Miquel’s post about the session here.

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Photo credit: Miquel Hudin


CTAIL (Cellule Technique d’Appuis aux Initiatives Locales) is a department of the Ivorian Ministry of Health and the Fight Against AIDS. Its purpose is to support grassroots organisations involved with the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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