My Very First Experience as a JCI Assistant Trainer

It has been confirmed! The JCI presenter course hosted by JCI Adzopé on July 16 2011, and while this post is being published, I’m finalizing my preparations to leave Abengourou.

This will be my first experience as a JCI certified Assistant Trainer, and I look forward to learn from the Head Trainer YASSONRI Touré (from JCI Grand Bassam) and the various course participants.

I will conduct 2 modules out of 7, and there is no way any other first timer Assistant Trainer can by-pass that, because JCI Training (the programme supervising the course) is very regarding on that, using online tools. In fact I like that, as young trainers are forced to gradually develop their trainer’s experience.

What is JCI Presenter?

This course is the JCI Effective Presentation Course. It is a full day course that focuses on the concepts of creating and delivering an effective presentation utilizing visual aids and strong delivery methods with a mind towards understanding the audience. Participants practice presentations during the entire course.

You should take it if you want to expand your presentation skills in order to make better project reports and intervene during your organisation’s meetings. Don’t hesitate to visit the JCI website to know more about this organisation, or contact me.


  1. Mungai NFI Reply


    I remember my first experience mate. I sweated. Like yours, it was JCI Presenter too and I delivered Modules 3 – Audience Analysis and Module 4 – Presentation Content. It was amazing at the end. Felt great joy in talking to people (humbled by the fact that they listened to me), creating a learning environment, sharing jokes, signing certificates etc.

    You will be up to it. I trust you but what is most important is that you tell yourself this and trust yourself

    • Joe Ndzülo Reply

      I think that being an Assistant Trainer of a JCI official course is a learning opportunity like no other.

      was your first time? I realise you started with Module 3… Now JCI
      Training makes it compulsory to do Modules 1 & 7 only.

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