Google Days Cote d’Ivoire: First time big impact

Google has moved forward in the process of making its presence in French-speaking Africa more significant after organizing memorable Google Days dubbed “g|côte d’ivoire” on May 14 and 15 in Abidjan, at which I was invited :).

I had the opportunity to attend both days – Day 1 dedicated to developers and webmasters, and Day 2 dedicated to enterprises, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs. The event featured Google+ demos, introduction to HTML5, introduction to Android, workshops on AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, Website Optimizer, various Google APIs… In short, two days crash moment on core Google products. There was no better event for me to attend with such a rich program characterized by interactive presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

In a nutshell, the participants had the opportunity learn from Google engineers who came from about 10 African and European countries where Google has its offices.

On Google plus, I can be found here: +Ndzulo.



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