Google Map Maker Phased Out

Since I discovered and started using Google Map Maker, I have contributed a number of locations, which today, can be found easily when searched on Google Maps. And I’m so very happy about that. Here’s how Google plans to continue getting maps edited while Map Maker is closed.

This mapping project served as the point where I gathered location data which I latter contributed via Google Maps Maker.

Map Maker was a program slightly separated from Google Maps, as contributions needed to be approved by other mappers on the program before such contributions could appear on Google Maps.

Unfortunately, Google recently closed Map Maker, and started running Local Guides, and according to a Google support page they are making it “easier for all Google Maps users to contribute changes to the map.” They are doing this by graduating functionalities “from Map Maker to Google Maps on both desktop and mobile”, the statement added.

Local Guides is totally integrated with Google Maps, hence making any Google Maps user a potential contributor to Local Guide. All you need to do is to accept to contribute.

Among other implications of becoming a Local Guide is that you will have to leave your device’s location settings (GPS) “on” and Google will have records of all (or nearly all) your movements.

What do you think of the possibilities this new program offers. You can leave your comment below.

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