Invest to #Endmalaria on World Malaria Day 2012

April 25 2012 – World Malaria Day, the 5th in the history of this event.

The objective of this day is to provide “education and understanding of malaria” and spread information on “year-long intensified implementation of national malaria-control strategies, including community-based activities for malaria prevention and treatment in endemic areas.”

Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria is the theme for this year’s edition. Definitely an appeal for more efforts in the fight against a disease that takes its heaviest toll on poor and underprivileged populations (1), most of them in Africa.


My Contribution to the Fight

This year I decided to double my financial contribution to the JCI Nothing But Nets initiative. In addition, I maintain my presence on the web via Facebook and Twitter, and now my newly created Google+ Page, to share latest news, stories from around the world and testimonies with the objective to increase awareness about malaria and its consequences.


Your Contribution to the Fight

You may decide to do like me: donate to Nothing But Nets. By donating through this link, you will help my JCI National Organisation to push forward in the fight against malaria, as Nothing But Nets will get the insecticide treated bed nets to the most vulnerable populations the earliest possible.

Are you short of inspiration? I recommend you have a look at these 10 ideas for action you can take now to end malaria, published by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership.


We can make malaria history.

(1): Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General on World Malaria Day 2010

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