2011 JCI Be Better Newsletter N°2 is Out. Download Your Copy.

Since 2009, JCI releases a bulletin known as the JCI Be Better Newsletter, released 3 times in a year. The bulletin, available as a full colour hard copy is also available as a PDF file, free to download from the Organisation’s website (for registered members).

JCI BeBetter Newsletter
click the image to see the front page

This year’s second Issue is available, probably since early June and contains as usual, interesting and useful information for JCI members and non-members as well. Among other topics, JCI members will learn How to turn new members in to Young Active Citizens, while any ready can learn 7 secrets to run successful meetingsKodama’s Essential Words and Phrases is included, and will surely teach you one or two words of Papiamento, Bambara, Filipino and Catalan; the local languages spoken in Curaçao, Bamako, Philippines and Catalonia (Spain). Get the newsletter to know why these languages are featured.

Click here to download it now. I hope you will enjoy it as I did, but still I encourage you to sign up to receive JCI Info.


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