JCI Senegal 2014: Waou meune nagne ko

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Senegal recently gave me the opportunity to conduct two (2) training seminars which focused on providing leadership and active citizen skills to its 2014 local and national and leaders.

Formation des Leadeurs Locaux et Nationaux 2014

On Saturday January 11 in Dakar, close to 30 national and local JCI Senegal officers gathered for the day long training seminar. I was the Head Trainer of the seminar and was assisted by three JCI Senegal trainers: Tapha Dieng, 2009 National Past President; Kandji Thierno, 2013 National President and Diegan Joseph, one of their young and available trainers.

JCI Senegal has four Local Organizations Members (LOMs) of which 3 are found in Dakar (JCI Dakar N°1, JCI Dakar Alliance and JCI Dakar Avenir). The fourth, JCI Ziguinchor, is located in the city of Ziguinchor, in the south of the country.

The 2014 officers of JCI Ziguinchor could not travel to Dakar to attend the January 11 seminar. To meet up with that,  I travel to their location, where I was assisted in conducting the seminar by El Malick Wade, a JCI Trainer.

Everything was fine at both sessions of the leaders’ training. The logistics were great, the participants were all actively involved with learning activities so as to fine-tune the impact they have planned to create in 2014 and beyond.

Yes we can! Don’t think that we worked on how to help Obama in his duty of US President. In fact, “Yes we can” is the 2014 slogan of JCI Senegal. We established the Wolof version of the slogan which gives “Waou meune nagne ko” (pronounced like: wow-meu-nge-ko). This was really fun. Wolof is the most widely spoken language of Senegal.

At the end of the seminars, JCI Senegal members resolved to embark on projects that will:

  • Promote active citizenship as some local chapters agreed to embark on a program to sensitize Senegalese on the 2014 local elections. Another JCI chapter will embark on program to fight against littering while others will get involve with a road safety and protection program.
  • Promote Training through the establishment of a well-structured and powerful JCI Senegal Training – a program to develop the skills and knowledge of JCI Senegal officers and members, so that they can perform their duties and responsibilities at the highest levels.

In this first month of the year 2014, participating with fellow JCI Senegal members, united to impact their community was a great privilege I look forward to remember.

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