is a Forged Twitter Website

Hey someone is posting really NASTY tweets about you and linking to your twitter account, profile is

The excerpt above is a direct message sent by one of my Twitter followers, who’s name and ID will be kept private. Luckily, I have W.O.T installed on my browser, and I was alerted the site I was about to visit is a forged website.

In reality, the short link in the twitter message ( takes you to instead of taking you to a twitter account found on If by any means your browser security settings are low or nonexistent, you will end up being a victim of identity theft because, is a fake Twitter website built to fraudulently get your Twitter references without you noticing anything wrong.

Below is a screen shot of the fake Twitter website. Click it to enlarge it and take note of the URL in the address bar, and the message in the red stip.


Fake Twitter Website - click to enlarge screen shot


Protect yourself from Facebook related scams and spam is another post I recommend you read to stay tuned with web security issues, or simply leave a comment for this post in the form below.

E. W. A. (@E_I_A)


  1. shimla Reply

    Great points altogether, personally I’m gonna have to bookmark this and come back to it. I’m curious if you have any follow ups to this post?

    • Ndzulo Post authorReply


      You’re one follow up at this time, and I hope you spread this message, to help others protect themselves from fake websites.

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