Do You Like Touch Screen Phones? [POLL]

I had a bad experience with my LG touch screen phone earlier this month. Some times, I had to jab the touch screen to take advantage of the device. Unfortunately for me, the corresponding spare screen was not available on the market for over a month that I have been facing the trouble. This experience has raised my dislike for touch screen phones by one thumb, where the poll: “do you like or dislike touch screen phones?”

The  touch screen first stopped responding early April and fixed itself all alone. The experience I faced during the first week of May was unbearable as I could not access my phonebook, messages and other important data in the device. To free myself of that situation, I decided to get another device, this time with a keyboard.

So, tell me why do you like or dislike touch screen mobile phones. Leave your reply below. Who knows, your opinion may influence my choice of a future mobile phone to consider.

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