My Local United Methodist Church Celebrating One Year Publishing Its Newsletter

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The newsletter of the local United Methodist Church – the Jubilee parish of Abengourou observed its first anniversary on Sunday June 12, the day the local community celebrated its 2012 annual thanks giving feast.

Motivated by our Rev. Pastor Séraphin Moudé, our community is the first to have a weekly newsletter in the entire missionary District under his supervision (made up of 28 local churches). Though June 12 marked our anniversary, we observed it on June 19 with a golden “50” on the cover page.

About the newsletter

The weekly bulletin is dubbed “Jubilé” (Jubilee), the name of the local community (Eglise Méthodiste Unie Jubilé Abengourou).
Volume 1 of the newsletter contains 50 editions of a 4-page newsletter, instead of 52, because of technical reasons, we did not release it faithfully every single week.

My role in the crew

My job description on the editorial crew is summarized to research and development a user friendly the layout; to edit and to improve on the reader’s experience; to search and develop content that will help the reader join Jesus or remain attached to Jesus. I also lead the entire team in the distribution and sales of the bulletin.

How is the newsletter funded?

The newsletter is funded partly by an allocation in the church’s budget. It also generates funds from sales because it is not totally free. To get a print copy, one has to pay 50F CFA (about 0.10$ US or 10 US cents). Another source of funding is our famous “ecological offer”. In fact, to encourage us make use of new technologies, we ask for 5.000F CFA (10$ US) in exchange of a one year subscription to receive the PDF version of the newsletter, sent by email to the subscriber. The last, but not least is donations. Many people like what we do as it raises the image of the community within the missionary District in particular and the Ivorian United Methodist Church in general. These sources of fund help the continual production of the newsletter intended to inform and training the people of God at our small level.

Looking to the future of the “Jubilé”

The little experience I gained in leading this project for one year now has made us (the entire team) think of the newsletter as we want to see it in 5 years.
On June 12, we released a beta (test) version of the newsletter. The beta version presented the intended changes that are scheduled to be implemented from July 15 2012 onwards. Some of the changes include:

  • A new tagline, aligned to the global mission of the United Methodist Church which is “make disciples of Jesus-Christ to transform the world.”
  • More pages for more content, as we intend to increase it from 4 to 8 pages.
  • More information from sister UMC churches within the District, and beyond.

After one year of publishing, we still have much to learn in the process of making the Word of God get to places it has not yet reached. We pray the second year God is giving us will be another interesting one at His service.

You can help us through

If you want to support us, contact Rev. Séraphin Moudé, the superintendent of the Abengourou missionary District, or send us an email through lejubileinfo[@]

To God be the glory!

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