Sharing My Experience As Communicator With The Senegal UMC

Last week, I was at the Nord Foire United Methodist Church (UMC) in Dakar, Senegal. This time not to worship but to teach on local church print publications.

Two weeks before the January 4, 2014 meeting at Nord Foire, I received with great pleasure the invitation to talk about my experience as a church communicator. This was my second visit to Senegal and the Rev. Joseph Bleck, Superintendent of the Senegal UMC, wanted me talk about the communications ministry.

The PowerPoint slide on "Choosing topics" for a church bulletin.
The PowerPoint slide on “Choosing topics” for a church bulletin. Photo by Rev. Jesoph Bleck.

My presentation focused on providing knowledge to members of the church council so that they reflect and decide to run a print publication for their church. The Nord Foire UMC already had website but it seemed not to be the appropriate channel for the denomination to communicate with its members.

My 2-hour presentation was very simple and the question and answer session made it rewarding. I had in front of me men and women really motivated to spread the Word of God and helping their fellow remain connected to the Word.

The Teaching Outline

I titled the teaching “The Messenger – Create and Conduct a Local Church Bulletin” and we followed the outline below.

  1. Why produce a newsletter?
  2. Identifying attractive topics.
  3. Writing effectively.
  4. Layout and design.
  5. What’s the best print option?
  6. Getting feedback to improve.

To illustrate the above highlights, I used examples of my experience as local Communications officer of my congregation and quoted friends and colleagues with whom I collaborate.

I’m so grateful to the God for the opportunity I was given in Dakar and pray the church there makes the best decision for its communications efforts.

To God be the Glory.


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