The Newest JCI Website Features are Being Tested

Pedro, JCI IT Director

JCI – the leading network of young active citizens, has installed the Skysa bar enabling chat, IM and other options for members to use on its website. While I was chatting with Pedro Zaraza, who is the JCI Director in charge of Information and Technologies, using the newly installed tool, he revealed important information that every member definitely needs to know.

From now on, when you will sign in to the JCI website, there will be a blue horizontal bar at the bottom of the web page – the “Skysa bar”.  A tool offering features that will add to members, the experience of brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations, and consequently making them to stay logged in for longer interesting periods than they used to.

The features available via the Skysa bar at the moment include: website announcements, website polls, translate, chat and instant message (IM). Though activated, the translate feature is still under development but you will likely love to use the simple, lightweight styled IM and chat.

Skysa bar on JCI website - click to see screen shot

Questions to Pedro Zeraza, JCI IT Director

Below are questions I asked Pedro Zaraza during our conversation. You can also ask him yours using the comment form below, as he will be watching this post.

Should members adopt the Skysa bar instead of other popular chat and IM services like Skype, Facebook etc?

Skysa bar doesn’t require you to create an additional login name. It only works when you are inside and with your JCI Account. We are not asking you to stop using Skype or any other service.

Does Skysa save chat and IM history?

No. It’s just a speedy way of communicating with other members who are logged into at the same time.

What has been your biggest challenge since you became IT Director at JCI?

My biggest challenge and main goal is to get most members around the world to use the IT products and take advantage of the internet to deliver services to them

If you are asked to recommend the designing of a JCI training module related to IT, what would it be?

The module would be on “How to get the most of your local organization administration using the JCI Tools available online”.

This conversation is an opportunity for me to say that we are releasing a brand new version of the JCI National and Local Organisations (NOM/LOM) web portal pretty soon. We’ll try to give NOM/LOMs a web experience as similar as JCI’s own website as possible.

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