This is Ghana For You – Exploring the Gold Coast

Gye Nyame (Except God) symbol

Etisen, my dear reader! I just got back to Ivory Coast from a 3 week trip to Accra. Hence “etisen”, meaning “hello” in Twi, the principal native language of Ghana. Over there, I was impressed by the natural way people express their fear for God. Stores, companies, buses, simple and complex objects, in fact nearly everything in Accra carries a verse of the Bible or the Koran or is named after a verse or a statement in one of these Books. I was particularly marked by the ever present “Gye Nyame” (Except God) symbol. A craftsman simply told me “everybody here knows this: It’s except God”

Another experience as JCI certified Assistant Trainer – It was a wonderful experience to have my first international audience being the participants of the JCI Presenter course that was organized by JCI Ghana on October 21 2011, ahead of its 2011 National Convention. I was next to Fidel Adjovi (the Head Trainer) who came from Cotonou, Benin and we assuredly approved 16 participants as JCI Presenter graduates. Pictures of the training and the National Convention can be found here.

It’s time to prepare your 2012 resolutions – On November 4, over 20 members of JCI Accra Royale, a local organization of JCI Ghana, took part in a training session they where hosting. They invited me to deliver the content of my training module “Resolution 365 – plan and achieve annual objectives”. After processing the session evaluation forms, the training was awarded the score of 76.8%, with all participants recommending the course. Don’t wait until it is December 31 to think about the changes you want to bring in your life. It might be too late. Invite me to share with you and the members of your organization, simple and practical tips and tricks that will help you end the habit of unfulfilled resolutions.



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