Training the Presenter course in Dakar

As a JCI Certified Trainer, successfully conducting JCI’s Presenter course is a responsibility I like to render memorable – not just for the participant but for me as well.

JCI Senegal gave me the opportunity to conduct this course yesterday, May 26 2013 at the Konrad Abenauer-Stiftung foundation. The day before, at the same venue, I conducted the JCI Achieve course.

Presenter, the one day long JCI course on effective presentation is a recommended course for any JCI member and in Dakar, the members demonstrated a lot of will to learn how to make better presentations during their meetings and also when they will have the opportunity to talk about JCI in different environments.

The eleven participants who were present acknowledged to have spent valued time grabbing the content of the course. One of them, El Malick Wade, a fellow JCI trainer was present and really appreciated the session.

Knowing that I still had a week to stay in Senegal, El Malick invited me to conduct the JCI Achieve course in Ziguinchor on Wednesday, May 29 2013 in the afternoon. An invitation I accepted with a lot of joy.

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