Use an Android device to get GPS coordinates

There are several applications (apps) under Android to obtain GPS coordinates when you want to locate a place. In this article, I show how to use the AndroiTS GPS Test app.

Before delving into this, it is good to know that there are two versions of the app: the Free and paid (Pro). For this article, we use the free version which works as well as the paid version. You can find the link to this app at the bottom of this article. If you prefer to read this post in French, click here.


For this to work well, here are the conditions:
1) You need to have a phone or tablet running at least Android 3.0.
2) Your device must have the following features:

  • Location features (GPS or A-GPS) – simply said, it must have a GPS.
  • Access to the internet via Wi-Fi or data (2G or more)

Installing the application AndroiTS GPS Test FREE

– Make sure your device is connected to the internet. Open the Play Store app. This application is represented by the icon below.

google-play-icon-bag-new– In Play Store, search for “AndroiTS GPS Test”. Select and install the app.
– After installation, open the app.

Getting GPS coordinates

– Activate the location function (GPS) of the device.

– Open AndroiTS GPS Test app. Wait while observing the screen.

screenshot-03_38pm-sep-14-2016screenshot_2016-09-14-15-44-07In  the left screen, the app is not communicating with satellites. Meanwhile in the screen to the right, the app is in communication with four satellites out of five identified.

other-danger-vector-sign-logo-cbfa0564cf-seeklogo-comNote: At the bottom of the screen, there is a series of numbers which end with “N” and “W”. These are the GPS coordinates of your location. These numbers change as the device moves.

Save GPS coordinates

– The application is (still) open.

– Touch the “menus” button (the three small vertical gray squares) found at the bottom right of the screen and touch “Send position” in the list of menus that appear. (See illustration below).


– A list of applications appears. Click “Gmail”. When Gmail opens, enter your own email address, or that of another person to whom you want to send the collected GPS coordinates. You’ll see an email in your inbox with a link.

– Click on the link in the message mentioned above. A Google Maps window (or tab) opens in the browser.

– On the top left side of the Google Maps window (or tab) is the GPS coordinates you want to locate (illustration below). In the case of this image, the GPS coordinates are 5.387566,-3.959486. The red pointer on the map indicates the location of the GPS coordinates.

If you are a Crowdmap user, proceed with the directions below.

– Copy GPS coordinates obtained above.

– In the Crowdmap tool, proceed as usual to create a new report.


– Enter the coordinates in the fields near the “Find location” button below the map and click “FIND LOCATION”.

other-danger-vector-sign-logo-cbfa0564cf-seeklogo-comDo not modify the GPS coordinates copied. A slight change in the figures or moving the comma (,) totally changes the location you want to add in the Crowdmap.

– You will observe that the red pointer will move. Do NOT touch the red pointer. Use the plus (+) button (found on the left side of the map) to zoom in closer to the place indicated. Observe the point located and confirm whether it is the place you want to add to the Crowdmap.


other-danger-vector-sign-logo-cbfa0564cf-seeklogo-comBe patient. Allow time for your device to effectively connect to a maximum of satellites. The more satellites are connected, the more accurate will be the coordinates.

The accuracy of GPS coordinates collected depends on several factors including:

  • How powerful is the GPS component in your device
  • The quality of the telephone network in the area or you are collecting details
  • The battery level of your device – the higher the level of juice in the device battery, the better its ability to collect accurate data.
  • To ensure that the GPS data is as accurate as possible, position yourself in a place where your device is clear of all obstructions (trees, roof, slabs, concrete etc.).
  • The device must be able to communicate with satellites to reveal accurate coordinates.


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Good to know

The GPS Test app AndroiTS need not have internet access to be operational. In this article, the internet is useful to send an email to yourself or another person. So you can use the application as long as you like and choose to enable access to Internet later. Note that the options, you can also send GPS coordinates via SMS and other channels.

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